The Cube is a building near the centre of the village where we offer workshops to the people we support, and to other local people with learning disabilities (contact us). It’s a place to develop skills and to gain a sense of achievement, and we sell some of what we produce on our market stall at the village market.

At the Christmas Market (the Cube building is in the background)

The Cube is also a safe base from which people can move out into the community and take on work placements (e.g. in cafes or community initiatives). The staff team support the placements by helping people to settle in and maintaining regular contact with the placement.

Inside The Cube

There’s a Drop In every Tuesday morning where people can call in to find out more about what we do.


‘Potworks’ is a ceramics workshop where people make and decorate pots. The pots may be planted with flowers or succulents, or filled with beeswax to make candles, as on our stall pictured above.

‘Woodworks’ is an opportunity to create simple but attractive objects made of wood to sell at the market. The participants also spend time helping to maintain the nearby community garden.

Romany baskets and bug hotels from Woodworks

‘Trainworks’ builds model rail layouts. Many different skills are involved, and the layouts are always popular attractions at our stall. Trainworks is also developing a ‘party train’ layout to take out and entertain children who are equally keen on trains!

A winter layout from Trainworks

‘Paintworks’ has begun painting a mural on one of the outside walls of the building. The group have been preparing for a while by developing their skills in using shape and colour.

Getting started on the mural

There is also an Estate works group which looks after our allotment and garden and does litter picking in public areas.