Garden Project

In 2018 the Co-op in our village moved premises and to mark the occasion decided to give support to three local projects.  Fairborne House’s Garden Project was one of those chosen.  The Co-op donates 1p in every pound spent locally to one of these projects.

Meanwhile the tenants of Fairborne house started discussing how to use this money, and make the garden more beautiful and suited to their needs and interests.  They discussed making some flat lawn (the garden is sloping), making places where flowers and vegetables could be grown, places where outdoor games could be played, a place where more people could sit comfortably round a table, a place for an outdoor railway, organising everyday composting, a quiet area, and a place for a swing.

The project is well under way and the tenants have been actively involved – for example, in moving earth to raise the level of the lawn,  creating a retaining wall with sleepers for a new flower/ vegetable bed,  building new steps and a pergola, growing flowers and vegetables, and creating a space for a new swing.  Much more is planned!


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